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Chris Jaggers BBC2 Programme - Recollections

Musicians ecollections of Cyril Davies
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Music Club Documentary 'Alexis Korner - Rhythm And Blues Champion' (2008) ©BBC2

In this three-part series, Chris Jagger, younger brother of Mick and accomplished musician himself, talks to many of those whom Alexis inspired and played with.

[Miranda Sawyer, The Observer, Sunday 3 February 2008 said, "It was rather an earnest show, until two of the Stones popped up to describe Korner and Cyril Davies, who ran a blues club together]

Charlie Watts - Incredible opposite couple; one was an up-at eight in the morning, panel beater in Ealing or somewhere, and Alexis lived in Moscow Road - a very bohemian life. I mean, I loved the way he lived…he had an iguana on the kitchen table and Cyril was a straight ahead, serious, drank scotch straight, you know - Chicago Blues player! - Charlie Watts

Chris Jagger - As a lover of Chicago Blues, Cyril had somehow worked out how to play amplified harmonica, something that impressed a young Mick Jagger - who remembers his colourful language: (Mick) - He was a very kind of a rough diamond, you know, but he was a very talented harmonica player - there is absolutely no doubt! He was the first white guy AND English guy AND non-Chicago guy or non-whatever you want to call it - and he had a bag of harmonicas; and he'd…they'd all drink a lot remember so it's all caught up in drinking - and Cyril would get something, really furious if he couldn't find the right harmonica and he'd tip the whole bag out onto the floor. And, I remember I was trying to learn how to play the harmonica - which is kind of like a weird thing, cause there weren't that many teachers - and then I went up to Cyril and asked him and he said, "You fucking suck it, and you fucking blow it, and the fucking sound comes out…ALL RIGHT?"
BBC2 Music Club broadcast on Cyril and Alexis

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